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MDPV - chemical element, buy MDPV - Pharmaceutical ChemistryMDPV photo - chemical element, buy MDPV - Pharmaceutical Chemistry


For information on availability and price of MDPV*, contact our manager**


* - The products are delivered from China. The company forwards the goods at the sender’s discretion. The delivery term of the goods depends on the remoteness of the buyer.


** - Attention! On our site you can purchase pharmaceutical chemistry intended only for laboratory and chemical research. Please, note that before you make an order, you should verify the legality of the products in your country. Our company is not responsible for ordering the substances prohibited in your country. All the responsibility and any possible consequences rest on the Customer.


Description MDPV:

Full chemical name MDPV:


Other names MDPV:

Methylenedioxypyrovalerone, PV, MTV, MDPK, Magic, Super Coke, Maddie, MDPV

CAS number of substance MDPV:


Physical properties MDPV:

Fine powder with shades from white to light brown. The melting temperature of the substance 209,3 degrees Celsius. Boiling point: 476 degrees Celsius.

Formula MDPV:


Molar mass of the substance MDPV:

275,343 g/mol

Purity of the preparation MDPV:

More 99,99%

Information about MDPV:

Getting into a living creature’s body, the chemical powder MDPV produces a psychostimulating effect that even can compete with cocaine and methamfetamine. Previously, in certain small quantities the substance MDPV was used as an aphrodisiac. However, after two deaths caused by MDPV overdose, its distribution and use were prohibited. Since 2009, this substance have been officially recognized as narcotic.

It is interesting to note that previously in some countries, for instance, in France, Finland and Germany, this powder was even sold at pharmacies and applied as a stimulant for weight-reduction, as well as for research purposes. Before you buy MDPV on our site, obtain more accurate information about the legitimacy of this merchandise in your country. But you also can ask a question about a MDPV trip. For the time being, MDPV (reviews) - lovers take an analog of this substance.

Generally, it is known about a MDPV trip that once in the human body, the given substance produces a euphoric effect, and the duration of drug action is about four hours. A man feels a burst of energy, excitement, vigor and empathogenic effect, he is willing to communicate more, and the preparation also produces a slight sexual stimulation. However, there are not very pleasant effects as well, such as hypertension, tachycardia, headache, renal pains, ringing in the ears, and respiratory affection. Often, after the termination of the powder action, depression and tachycardia may appear (during eight hours).

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